Redefining Security of Your Mail Processing

PostalSentry™ pulls airborne contaminates away from users and traps them in the state-of-the-art filtration system

The world changed faster than anyone ever thought it would. Today, we accept suspicious mail as a normal part of business risk and cost.

Every day – someone in the world receives something suspicious in the mail. New upgraded version for 2008 includes improved performance and protection.

After three years of extensive computer modeling, testing and real world evaluation by an independent source, PostalSentry™ is pleased to announce the new updated model PS-104PD.

The PS-104PD is the only product of its kind approved for use in any US federal or state government office or installation.

PostalSentry (patent No. 6,821,200) has been designed to contain the risk of a contaminate in the mail. It does not eliminate or kill it. It does not identify it. It traps it and significantly reduces your exposure level and the impact to your business. Proven to trap particles at a minimum of 99.58 at a 1 micron level, this is your first line of defense in the battle for your bottom line.